Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chai ya Coffee

Methinks chai is limiting. Coffee is a bit like George Bush, different people call it different names and they aren't always nice. In Chennai it's kapi, in Trivandrum it's coughi and in Andheri it is Nescoffee. In the UN it used to be Kofi Anan.

Chai is pretty much the same, though the la di da now gives it names like chamomile after some dumb herb. People who find it difficult to pronounce four letters together call it cha. People who went to school, call it tea. That's the best chai gets.

Coffee is versatile. Snooty hotels have coffee shops which sell coffee. Chai shops sell cigarettes. And have you ever heard of a Cafe Tea Day.

You have coffee tables and even coffee table books. The best that chai has managed is a little teaspoon. Duh!


abhishek said...

but there are certain respectable positions for tea...say "BED TEA". Have u heard of something like bed coffee? And there is a new tea pub at chennai..."cups and saucers" giving CCD a run for their money. we still discuss something over a cup of tea...(read: T.'n' seshan[session])...tea is a common man's is a common man's uncommon drink...tea till date comes for 1 rupee/cup (kolkata/lko)but searching a cup of coffee for one rupee..."you must be crazy man"

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