Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mumbai ya Bangalore

Mumbai is the city of dreams if you can find the time to sleep. Bangalore is a city of dreamers, they usually do it on their two wheelers in peak traffic.

Mumbai's strengths are well chronicled. You have a selection of heroes to emulate depending on your skill sets. Dawood Ibrahim, if you like RGV films; Dhirubhai, if you like Guru; Sachin Tendulkar, if you like Boost; Mallika Sherawat, if you don't like clothes; Raj Thackeray, if you like Biharis; or Amitabh Bachchan, if you like Raj Thackeray.

Bangalore has Infosyians. And Royal Challengers, which they are trying to gift to Tamil Nadu in exchange for some Cauvery water.

Mumbai is big, dirty and smells of sewerage. It hosts Asia's biggest slum and has the most crowded roads in the world. Bangalore is small, dirty and smells of beer. It has Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh and no roads.

Bangalore has great weather through the year and no electricity. Mumbai has India's best power infrastructure and bad weather through the year.

Mumbai never sleeps, Bangalore is largely asleep. Mumbai has Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus for trains, Chattrapati Shivaji Airport for airplanes and Chattrapati Shivaji statues for the rest. Bangalore has Sivaji, the Boss. Sorry, that was Chennai.

Mumbai has the sea. Bangalore has C++.


Yogish said...

nice post.
hey, Bangalore has Shivajinagar !!!

sudeep said...

dude i think you are awesome man.... keep blogging.... super work... god bless..

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