Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shah Rukh ya Aamir

Aamir prides himself on being a method actor but Shah Rukh is the real method actor ... he has one method ... the ham-and-stammer method.
Shah Rukh does everything Amitabh does except Rekha. Aamir does everything that Amitabh and Shah Rukh do not, including not having a haircut for years.
Aamir has a new look for every movie, Shah Rukh releases the same movie under different names ... it's sometimes called DDLJ and and at other times KKHH.
Shah Rukh stalked kkkkkiran to Switzerland and back but Aamir got to marry Kiran. Shah Rukh got Karan.


Anonymous said...

The 'Kiran' & 'Karan thing...some observation indeed :-D

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